Optimizing Creative Language

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In 2021, I tapped into the (then-trending) topic of the Metaverse and how it could be utilized by businesses. This established ANCUR as both tech-forward and a local leader on Web3 strategies and information. We were interviewed the following month by a local publication for an article discussing the topic.

Support programs were still crucial post pandemic, and ANCUR was passionate about supporting the businesses who were hit hardest. I wrote this informative article about the Unfinished Business program targeting minority businesses who could benefit from the relief the program offered. The intention was to further increase ANCUR’s credibility as both a champion for small business owners and as a trusted source for business information. 

A bra brand with a drive for supporting full bust women, La Plantureuse was an advocate for self education. One of the most important tools women are not currently taught is measuring and finding the right bra fit, an additional hurdle in finding a bra that truly supports. That is why we developed this step-by-step guide for measuring to determine what bra size a woman should be wearing.