Environmental Sustainability & Marketing: A New Era of Consumerism

Environmental sustainability is the new brand battleground.

The new era of consumerism is approaching. Within this new climate, a company’s sustainability is becoming crucial in defining how consumers perceive them. Environmental sustainability can be defined in many ways, but one that applies well to brands is sustainability which aims to provide for the needs of future generations as it pertains to environmental impact. This shift has been driven by younger generations, who are making more sustainable choices and holding brands accountable for their actions. As a business owner, understanding this shift in behavior will help you better build your brand strategy around it.

The role of ‘brand trust’ in modern marketing.

“Brand Trust” is crucial to not only sales but in creating repeat customers. Trust is what brands use to build loyal and long-lasting relationships with consumers. It is one of the key reasons that consumers choose one brand over another. According to this study, 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues. A whopping 92% will be more likely to trust companies like these as well. With a marketing shift towards authenticity, consumers want you to communicate your purpose and they want it now.

Consumers are demanding that brands behave ethically.

photo of hand holding reusable shopping bag. packaging is important for environmental sustainability

One of the issues at the top of their minds is Environmental Sustainability. Based on a 2021 survey by Deloitte, nearly 1 out of 3 consumers has stopped purchasing a brand due to concerns about ethical and sustainable sourcing. 30% have also chosen to buy from brands for their sustainable choices. This does not only impact B2C relationships, however. Another survey indicates that over 80% of executives in varying industries are concerned about climate change. With this information, we can see that environmental sustainability is not just gaining sales. For some brands, it’s negatively impacting their relationship with what may have been loyal consumers.

Building environmental sustainability into your brand strategy.

Sustainability in business is about more than just branding. The social impact of your choices will have a lasting impact. Social impact can be defined as the effect of an activity on the well-being of a community. When we refer to social impact in terms of marketing, it is about having a positive influence on society through your brand. Having a business gives you a unique opportunity to have a greater social impact than the average consumer.

All that being said, you may be wondering “What can I do?”. Here are a few quick recommendations for ways your business can make a positive social impact with environmental sustainability in mind.

  1. Where are you sourcing from? From the items you sell, to the ingredients that may go in them, every business makes sourcing choices daily. Maybe you can consider plastic packaging alternatives and more sustainable shipping choices. Even fully virtual businesses can consider things like hosting and internet providers.
  2. Are there options for giving back? After considering your sourcing, next consider opportunities for action. Can your business donate funds to an appropriate charity? Is it possible to take part in, or even organize a clean-up? These are great ways to get involved and show your brand cares.
  3. Collaborate with brands already making a positive impact in this space. Not only will this allow your business to align itself with a reputable brand. Doing this gives you an opportunity to learn from an organization already doing it.

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To some, all this information can be overwhelming. However, shifting your strategy now can help establish your business as a brand that cares, while positively impacting your community as a whole. If moving towards a socially impactful brand strategy seems daunting, schedule a call with our team at Creative Inova. Our branding and public relations experts will work side by side to build your business into one consumers see gives more than it takes.

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