Is Facebook Marketing Dead in 2022?

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With the rise of apps such as TikTok, many businesses find themselves scrambling to stay at top of mind. After years, people are questioning Facebook marketing in their strategies, however while Facebook may seem outdated to younger consumers, these platform shifts may prove beneficial for businesses as a whole.

It is no secret that platforms are recognizing the benefits of short form video. Meta’s push for Reels on their platforms is a clear indicator that they are attempting to emulate the engagement (and advertising opportunities) TikTok has been able to accomplish. Opportunities that may be leading to a decrease in advertising dollars directed to Facebook. While this can prove detrimental to the platform itself, there are indicators that it will prove great for businesses of all sizes.

How does a decrease in ads on Facebook Help My Business?

See, with a decrease in paid content we will see an increase of opportunity for organic content. Statements from the Facebook team itself seem to support these claims, as is reported in the August 17 episode of Land of the Giants, titled “Facebook’s Plan To Be Cool Again”. In the podcast, it states Facebook is moving from the failed “Meaningful Social Interactions” algorithm era toward what is being called the “Discovery Engine”, where Facebook will be pushing more content toward users who have not previously interacted with a page or account. Pair this with the video content Facebook is already favoring due to TikTok’s booming success, and we have the perfect recipe for organic reach.

All of that said, its no wonder why marketing gurus such as Gary Vaynerchuk would be shifting their focus to organic Facebook content. And coming in at 2.94 billion monthly users in July 2022, it still ranks as the world’s most “active” social media platform.

What Now?

Now that we understand the why, here are some action items to put the knowledge into practice for your business.

  • Make short form video a part of your content strategy. TikToks and Reels are going nowhere anytime soon, so take advantage of the organic reach they offer.
  • Facebook may not be for Gen Z, but algorithm updates and ad spend shifts offer a unique opportunity for reaching a new audience. Keep Facebook as a part of your content strategy.
  • If all of this overwhelms you, consult with a company like Creative Inova to help you navigate the shifts we’re seeing in these spaces.

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